Greatest Golf Club Shipper

Consumers have an even louder voice than ever, demanding that service-industry companies deliver convenience. Since the founding in 2011, Ship Sticks offers improved its club-shipping service ($40 to $65 for one-way surface shipping through UPS or FedEx), proving to be an affordable alternative to delivery your clubs by working straight with golf courses.

For anyone who has had a good experience using Ship Sticks or even rival club-shipping service Luggage Forwards, it’s hard to go back to checking your own bag through an airline. For a couple of additional bucks— typically, the difference between making use of Ship Sticks and an airline’s secondary baggage charge turns out to be $20-$30— you can schedule a pick-up in order to ship directly to the course. The organization will track your bag plus expedite the shipment if a good on-time arrival appears in jeopardy.

Ship Sticks authorities promise an app will be released this year that will allow customers to schedule their particular pick-ups on the go. And officials state the company will be expanding its services to offer golfers the ability to ship extra luggage items when you ship your own clubs.

Ship Sticks, $40 in order to $65 for one-way standard surface shipping


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