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You’re probably familiar with NetJets and Wheels Up, if only because tour players will shout out these private-aviation companies quite often. These leaders in private-jet flights sponsor a number of tour pros—who get a number of flights as part of their deals—and they also work with players who can afford the cost to fly private from tournament to tournament. So how do these companies operate if your name isn’t Rickie Fowler and you’re not headed to Baker’s Bay with your spring-break buddies?

For those who are well-oiled enough to enjoy the private-jet life, NetJets and Wheels Up offer some different options. NetJets has four sizes of aircraft, ranging from light-cabin to large-cabin flyers, which can transport up to 14 passengers. Wheels Up offers smaller jets and operates on a pay-as-you-go basis. After an initiation fee of $17,500 for individuals ($29,500 for businesses), Wheels Up customers pay $8,500 in yearly dues in Year 2 ($14,500 for businesses). A NetJets membership allows customers to purchase shares in a plane instead of buying a private jet, which means the amount you pay is based upon how much you fly. Time is purchased in 25-hour increments, with a 50-hour minimum. NetJets offers a variety of different types of memberships—check its website for more info.


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