Bridgestone' s Tour B Series Is usually Making An Impact

Tiger Woods made the statement, landing his 5-iron simply two feet from the pin in the recent Valspar Championship: He’s back again. Overnight, Woods has become the odds-on preferred to win the Masters. He is improving dramatically every round in the 2018 comeback. A great deal of that is due to a boost in his comfort level with the efficiency of his Bridgestone golf ball. Your dog is now driving his  TOUR  M XS ball well over 300 back yards. And he’s been the tour’s most accurate at approach pictures this year.

“Finding the right golf ball is extremely important, ” states Woods. “It’s an essential part of our equipment, and the Bridgestone ball is definitely hands-down the best for my sport. Controlling launch and trajectory is crucial, and with this ball I feel I have overall control to hit all shots precisely. I’m not just here to play— I’m here to win, as well as the innovative breakthroughs of the Bridgestone basketball can help me do that. ”   Bridgestone has a  TOUR  M ball for every type of golfer, yet there are key performance benefits typical to every model. The proprietary Gradational Compression Core optimizes energy exchange to the ball, which is meant to enhance accuracy. It’s why golfers changing over from Titleist’s Pro V1 Series balls typically gain six. 9 yards with 39 % less sidespin, for longer and straighter drives. * “The core may be the engine of the golf ball, ” states Elliot Mellow, Bridgestone’s golf advertising manager. “It’s where all the speed is generated and the distance is certainly realized. ”

Your shots will also be more consistent— the seamless cover is injection-molded to stabilize ball flight. A good aerodynamically superior dual dimple design adds distance and shot manage. The inner dimple yields lengthier flight with more thrust at start, while the outer dimple promotes the shallow angle of descent designed for increased roll. Think lengthy first tee shots that catapult forward on landing with more bounce.

Bridgestone’s durable SlipRes layer has been used in other parts of the industry’s 150 businesses for decades. But it could new to golf where it softens the ball’s surface, allowing it to remain on the clubface for an extra nanosecond. As a result, you’ll shoot lower ratings through better feel and enhanced manage into and around the greens. It also provides spin from the rough— performing as though you’re hitting from the fairway, so that your shots zero in on the focus on.

Ultimately, you need a golf ball that accentuates the advantages of your game and helps to need it. One of the four TOUR M Series balls— the  TOUR  W X, XS, RX and RXS— will deliver the benefits you need. “Bridgestone wants to make golf easier for everybody, ” says Woods. “Knowing that each golfer’s game and swing is exclusive, it works to match each individual with the greatest ball for his or her game. If you’re not really switching to Bridgestone, you’re losing out on better scores and a better encounter. No other company is close. inch

Just immediately, Bridgestone also began offering the particular TOUR B XS Tiger Woods Model ball. It’s identical to the regular TOUR B XS but includes a custom “TIGER” logo. A portion of proceeds benefits the TGR Basis.

* Based on aggregate comparison of pictures hit by individual golfers striking 2017 Pro V1 and Professional V1x balls without having undergone basketball fitting, and the same golfers striking a ball-fit TOUR B By, TOUR B XS, TOUR N RX, or TOUR B RXS ball. Ball fitting process had been used to determine which TOUR N ball was best suited ball for your golfer prior to completing performance assessment. Results not necessarily be applicable in order to TOUR B RXS vs . Professional V1 comparison. Individual results can vary. Titleist®, Pro V1®, and Professional V1x® are registered trademarks associated with Acushnet Company. © 2018 Bridgestone Golf, Inc.