The way to Hit Every Shot in Golfing


If you’ re like most golf players, your confidence from shot in order to shot is a bit of a rollercoaster. You may feel good about hitting a little diminish off the tee, but get in the fairway bunker, and you’ lso are a wreck. Maybe a fairway wooden is a green-light shot for you, yet from 40 yards out on a good lie, it’ s game more than. Most golfers would conclude: That’ s golf.

You can do better. With our comprehensive video clip series “ How to Hit Every single Shot in Golf, ” you’ ll learn the simple setup plus swing keys to playing all of the basic shots— 37 of them in every. Your instructors are two from the top teachers in the game, swing specialist Mike Malaska and short-game wizard Stan Utley, and two from the rising stars in golf coaching, Shaun Webb and Ashley Moss. In 37 individual video training, this foursome of teaching talent stocks easy-to-use advice for expanding your own shotmaking arsenal. Off the tee, you’ ll master shots like the strength draw and the scary first-tee photo. Into the green, you’ ll learn how to hit irons and hybrids, perform from sloped lies, and endure half-wedge territory. From short variety, it’ s basic chips plus pitches, long lags and stress putts. You’ ll see how simple these and many other shots can be in case you follow a simple plan.

Stop letting confusion plus intimidation rule your shotmaking. Have the basics on all the standard photos, and you’ ll play with self-confidence and watch your scores drop. Absolutely nothing beats picking the shot you wish to hit and knowing in your belly you can hit it. Let’ s i9000 get started!