Jessica Korda popped her wrist bone fragments back in place at HSBC Women’s World Championship

Jessica Korda is hard. Really tough. Not only did Jessica Korda have chin surgery in the offseason to fix a major overbite and the dreadful impact it had on her lifetime, but she won in the girl first start back at the Honda LPGA Thailand.

A week afterwards, Korda is in position to earn again at the HSBC Women’s Globe Championship. However , the experience at a two-fer in Asia hasn’t come with no some additional pain. On Sunday at Sentosa Golf Club, Korda needed to pop her wrist bone in place after dealing with a tough sit in the rough.

“I caught grass and then my hand popped out of place and then — simply, yeah, and I got it to take back in, but it hurt in the meantime, inch she said. “And then I hot it and took an Advil and hoped for it to go lower and it did. I’m very happy. That is what happens when you’re double-jointed and hypermobile. ”

Wait, exactly what?

So , Korda, that has a ton of screws in her encounter for her repaired jaw, apparently does not have any problem just shoving her hand bone back in place?! Whoa.

Her quotes read nearly the same as Tiger Woods at the 2015 Masters whenever he spoke with Bill Macatee about popping a bone in place in the final round.

WOODS: A bone kinda jumped out and a joint kind of sought out of place, but I place it back in.

MACATEE: Actually?

WOODS: Yeah.

We salute you, Jessica Korda.


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