Experts 2018: 11 man cave necessities from the Masters Golf Shop

If you’re a golfer and you also own a man cave, you’re obviously doing life right. That said, ” special ” room is incomplete until you give an unique piece of Masters merch. All of us walked through the brand new Masters Golf Shop to find 11 items that every single man cave needs.

Martin Miller

Know somebody which will be at Augusta National? Deliver them this list and nicely ask for a few items:

Metal signs ($35)

Martin Miller

Offered in four different shapes, these types of signs are an inexpensive way to then add Masters flare to your favorite area.

Winners glasses ($18, set of 2)

Take a look at the particular glasses placed below the steel signs in the image above. They will list all the previous Masters winners, making them perfect conversation starters.

Wooden indications ($45-$495)

Martin Miller

These signs are significant and well-made, meaning they’ll final forever, but they’re distressed simply by design, making it seem like they’ve been close to forever. They’d add a throwback really feel to an otherwise modern room, plus since none of them say “2018” they will always feel like antiques without actually being outdated.

Knit throw blanket ($129)

Given that we’re no longer allowed to snap pictures from inside the Golf Shop, you’ll have to get my word on the rest of these products. This knit blanket, which is significant and feels well-made, is mostly eco-friendly and has a large Masters logo, that is mostly yellow, stitched into the center of it.

House flag ($45)

This banner, that is about four-feet high and two-feet wide, is mostly white and has these text stamped onto it: MASTERS COMPETITION, EST 1934, AUGUSTA, GA

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Gnome ($39. 50)

That’s right, among the products you can buy this year in the Experts Golf Shop is, indeed, the gnome. And a big one, with that. It stands at about a single foot high and half the foot wide.

Needlepoint coasters ($75 to get a set of four)

Classy, classy. You might have an option of buying two types of coasters: one that’s designed with just an Experts logo, and another that’s made with Augusta’s clubhouse.

Mugs ($15)

The Masters cups are incredibly well made (I’ve experienced mine for five years plus counting) and is, without a doubt, the best bang-for-your-buck purchase. This year, along with the classic whitened and green mugs that function the Masters logos, there are other cups that have more intricate designs exact same price point.

Pin flag ($25)

Because what’s a person cave without a pin flag?

Deck associated with cards ($12 for a set of 2)

The particular cards are designed with iconic Augusta constructions, such a Rae’s Creek.

Ale glasses ($38 for a set of 2)

These 14-ounces eyeglasses are incredibly simple— they’re cup and they’re etched with one apparent Masters logo.

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