Experts 2018: Here are the payouts for that 2018 Masters, including a whopping reward for the champion

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Win the Masters, get an eco-friendly jacket. That is the tournament’s ultimate, plus cherished, prize. What the win is going to do to the back account ain’t as well shabby, either.

On Saturday morning the Augusta National Golf Club announced the pay-out odds for the 2018 Masters. Similar to final year’s tournament, the winner is going to take home a staggering $1. 98 mil. And though coming in second can be debilitating on one’s psyche, earning the paycheck of $1. 18 mil should alleviate that pain. Just like the bronze medal winner ($748, 000) and fourth-place finisher ($528, 000).

In total, $11 million will be granted at this year’s tournament, with the best 24 finishers earning six figures. The particular $11 million is one of the largest pay-out odds in golf. Only the U. H. Open, with a $12 million pay out and $2. 16 million winner’s share, has a bigger purse.