The particular David Leadbetter Essentials


In an era when technological improvements have turned golf instruction a lot more into a science than ever before, legendary trainer David Leadbetter is advocating an easier approach. “Things have gotten far too complicated for the average player, inch Leadbetter says. “Technology is a good matter, but only to confirm what we since teachers have already surmised. I use technology. I don’t abuse tech. inch With that in mind, his new six-video collection, “The David Leadbetter Essentials, inch breaks down the vital components of a competent swing into easy-to-understand instructions. You will not need a high-speed camera, launch keep track of or degree in biomechanics in order to consistently hit good shots. Simply listen to David’s simple explanations plus follow his advice for focusing on the things that really matter. If you ever desired to get a lesson from the great Brian Leadbetter, now’s your chance.