Tony Finau suffered a gruesome ankle injury celebrating an ace in the Par 3 contest, and Twitter freaked out

We can forgive Tony Finau for getting carried away in excitement on Wednesday afternoon. The rising star is playing in his first Masters this week, his gaggle of kids were watching, and he had just made a hole-in-one in the tournament’s Par 3 Contest. Reacting by running around in celebration is accepted, heck, expected in this fun event. What fans watching didn’t think they’d see is the ensuing gruesome-looking injury for one of golf’s best athletes.

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Finau rolled (dislocated?) his left ankle badly, going down on one knee. But before he rose to his feet, Finau appeared to pop his ankle back into place. And people on Twitter, from fans to commentators to fellow players freaked out. Here’s a sampling of the stunned reactions:

Here’s the update: Incredibly, Finau kept playing in the Par 3 Contest, which means we’re guessing he’ll show up for his Thursday tee time as well. Again, it’s his first Masters, so it’s probably going to take more than an ankle injury to keep him out. But yeah, if he’s in your fantasy golf lineup, you might want to make a last-minute change. . .

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